Social media time-bomb

Screwtape Letters: How to destabilise the entire nation with social media

My dear Wormwood,

It has been a while since I last wrote to you. I congratulate you for your success in destabilising the world with the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). But while we are celebrating for the moment, please do not lose focus on the next phase of our agenda. All can still be lost if we do not press on further.

Now, while humanity is busy mopping up the damage caused by the GFC, I want you to focus on this upcoming new technology called “social media”. Today, in 2010, humanity is full of optimism for this technology. But I can guarantee you that if you follow my instructions closely, we will be closer to achieve our objectives within 10 years.

Phase 1: Set the Google Trap

In the first phase of our agenda, you must ensure that information is continued to be mispriced at zero. This is very crucial. All our plans hinge on this mispricing. I will repeat it again. Mispricing information at zero is the cornerstone of our agenda. Without it, our plans will fail and we will not be able to achieve our objectives.

So, make sure our minions at Google enact Operation Google Trap. In Operation Google Trap, the idea is to use the aggregation of information as a tool to drive down the price of information to zero. The fundamental mechanic of how Operation Google Trap works is this:

In Google’s ideal universe, information (collectively) is free and abundant, but consumers’ attention (for each individual information provider) is scarce. Each feed of one another in a positive feedback loop—to attract the attention of consumers, businesses are forced to give more and more information away, which in turn causes information to be more abundant (collectively), which in turn makes consumers’ attention even scarcer (for each individual businesses), which forces businesses to give yet even more information away.

Excerpt From: Terence Kam. “The Google Trap: How Internet Aggregators Enrich the 1%, Impoverish Creative People and Threaten to Decimate the Middle-Class.”

This positive feedback loop is going down to drive the value of information towards zero. Once the value of information goes to zero, we will be able to impoverish the creative class of society. These people are a hindrance to our agenda. In particular, you need to make sure that writers, journalists, intellectuals, philosophers, thinkers and authors are impoverished. They are the ones who sort out the truth from our lies. By mispricing information at zero, these people will not be able to earn a living by exposing our lies.

Once you have achieved this, we will meet the objectives of Phase 1 of our agenda.

Phase 2: Degrade the quality of information

With the creative class out of the way, we can now implement Phase 2 of our conspiracy.

Once the creative class is impoverished, they have to change the way they make a living. Instead of getting paid to create good quality information to inform, teach, discern, critique and educate their readers, they now give away their work for free and get paid by selling advertisements that accompany their work.

For this to work, they have to somehow attract attention to their work. To do that, they will have to compromise on the quality of their work. You see, that is where the magic happens:

The Google Trap makes attracting attention harder and harder. This resulted in Digital Producers competing among each other to create works by appealing to the baser human desires in the hope of earning a sliver of advantage in getting noticed. Nowhere is the effect of this competition more pronounced in pornography.”

Today, pornography is much more easily accessible and abundant than before on the Internet. Thanks to the Google Trap, the price of smut is pushed down to zero, causing even Playboy magazine to lose money, which was unthinkable not so long ago.

Alarmingly, a disturbing starts to emerge.

Pornography is getting more and more violent (especially towards women), explicit and hard-core.

Excerpt From: Terence Kam. “The Google Trap: How Internet Aggregators Enrich the 1%, Impoverish Creative People and Threaten to Decimate the Middle-Class.”

Phase 3: Endless Cycle of Attracting and Consuming Attention

This is how we trap humanity further.

Once we finish Phase 2 of our agenda, we need to trap humanity into an endless cycle of attracting and consuming attention.

That’s where we need our minions inside Facebook to work. You will need to instruct them to turn Facebook into the world’s biggest platform for absorbing all the attention of humanity like a sponge. We will use Facebook to addict humanity into an insatiable lust for free and degraded information that appeals to their baser desires.

How do we do that?

Easy! As a corporation, Facebook has a profit motive. That’s hardly controversial. All corporations need to make a profit. That’s where we will entrap humanity while they are still complacent, not realising that there are destabilising side-effects to this profit motive. As a corporation, Facebook must grow profit endlessly. To grow profit, Facebook must absorb more and more of humanity’s attention. More attention means more money to be made by selling attention to merchants in the form of advertisements.

Phase 4: Polarisation and Radicalisation

This is where humanity will drop the ball. In order to absorb more of humanity’s attention, we will use Facebook’s algorithms to feed them information that panders to their bias, prejudice and what their itchy ears like to hear. The more we feed their bias and prejudice, the more of the same they will want to see and hear. Then we will feed them even more extreme garbage in order to further reinforce their pre-existing bias and prejudice. That in turn will increase their lust for even more extreme garbage.

That is how we did that with pornography. And we will use Facebook’s algorithms to achieve the same in the area of politics and culture.

Over time, their algorithms will learn to present only information that we like and prefer. Hence, we only get to see the information that panders to our bias. This positive feedback loop has the effect of narrowing our worldview, mindset, thinking and attitudes further.

Excerpt From: Terence Kam. “The Google Trap: How Internet Aggregators Enrich the 1%, Impoverish Creative People and Threaten to Decimate the Middle-Class.”

Eventually, we will polarise the entire nation into two extreme diametrically opposite cultural and political viewpoints.

Phase 5: Lies and Falsehoods

Once we polarise humanity into two diametrically opposite cultural and political viewpoints, we can then feed them any lies and falsehoods and they will believe it.

Conspiracy theories, fruit-look ideologies, fake news, you name it. They will fall for them, hook, line and sinker. By this stage, humanity will be unable to think. They can only emote. When they emote, they will war with one another.

That’s our ultimate goal.

Our agenda will take at least 10 years to achieve. Please send me a report of your progress of each phase and I will review them before giving you the go-ahead for the next phase.

Your affectionate uncle,


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