What’s China’s hidden purpose for posting this infamous tweet?

Why is China provoking so much anger in Australia by posting this offensive tweet? What will they gain by doing that? What is the benefit of turning the Australian public against it?

Pundits all over Australia are at a loss to explain why China is squandering so much of its soft power by doing that. One pundit interpreted China’s action as one of desperation. A reader of the Sydney Morning Herald described that “an act of hypocrisy”. A visibly angry Prime Minister Scott Morrison called that tweet “repugnant” and that it diminished China. Even the Opposition Leader showed bipartisan support for the Prime Minister. There were public calls for a boycott of Chinese goods.

Why is China squandering its soft power, which it took decades to build? What is the logic behind this apparent madness?

Make no mistake, China is not trolling Australia for fun. Actually, China has a hidden objective behind this perplexing action. Thanks to what happened in Australia, China achieved its objective. In other words, Australia has regretfully fallen into a trap set by China.

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