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Why the “list” will consume everyone eventually?

Soon after the US November 2020 election, leading Democrats were openly calling for the drawing up of a retribution list. Freelance journalist, Drew Holden, compiled a collection of calls for creating such a list.

This is very disturbing because drawing up a “list” have sinister echos of what the Nazis and Communists did back then. As a civil society, we need to call out such sinister behaviour because if not stopped, such a “list” will eventually become a monster that consumes everyone.

Trump Accountability Project

Do not be fooled by the name of this website. Its name, “Trump Accountability Project”, is an euphemism. It has nothing to do with keeping Trump accountable. Instead, its purpose is to draw up a retribution list.

Hari Sevugan, presumably one of the founders of this project, wrote this chilling tweet:

just reported WH staff are starting to look for jobs. Employers considering them should know there are consequences for hiring anyone who helped Trump attack American values. Find out how at the Trump Accountability Project.

Fortunately, that project was closed, thanks to outcries from Conservatives who spoke out against this initiative.

How will a “list” consume society?

Take a look at what I have highlighted in bold in Hari Sevugan’s tweet above.

It implies one thing.

It is not only those in the list who will be targeted for cancellation. Those who employ, support or do business with people on the list will be targeted for attack as well. In other words, if you are one degree of separation away from associating with anyone in the list, you will be in the list too.

What will happen if these people carry out the list-making project to its logical conclusion?

1. The “list” will grow exponentially

Each person in the “list” will associate with many people over the course of his or her life. Some of these associated people will fall into the “list” too. Each of these new people who fell into the “list” will associate with even more people, who in turn will fall into the “list” as well.

You can see that such a “list” will grow exponentially.

2. People will inadvertently fall into the “list”

As the “list” grows exponentially, your chances of associating with someone who is on the “list” increases. This puts you at risk of falling into the “list” too. If you find yourself suddenly ‘cancelled’ unexpectedly, this will be the reason why. Chances are, you have unwittingly associated with someone on the “list”.

3. Software algorithms will net in a lot of people very quickly

Compiling a “list” is a very laborious process. Back in the old days, Nazi Germany’s Gestapo had a large bureaucracy to do that.

Eventually, it will be done by algorithms with the help of Big Data. Automated “list”-making process will net in a lot of people very quickly.

4. Cancellation of people may even be performed by algorithms

If software algorithms do the job of automatically growing the “list” and cancelling people, do not be surprised if you get cancelled unexpectedly.

For example, if the bank decide to ‘cancel’ you, you will find yourself without access to your money for day to day living. If all banks share the same “list”, you will not have access to any bank accounts. The same goes for cell phone, ISP, utilities, etc accounts.

You may as well not live in society.

If you think this is too far-fetched, think again. Read Rod Dreher’s article. This has already happened in China with their social credit system. In the West, some individuals are already targeted by multiple financial institutions.

5. People will denounce other people to avoid falling into the “list”

As more and more people get cancelled unexpectedly, fear will spread in society. The more people are afraid of falling into the “list” (due to being guilty by association), the more they will want to protect themselves by preemptively denouncing their associates, friends and even family members.

It goes without saying, in such an environment, societal trust will collapse. Once trust is lost, it will be exceedingly difficult to recover.

Today, with algorithms, artificial intelligence and Big Data, totalitarianism can happen very quickly. In totalitarian regimes, the victims are numbered in the millions. For example, in Venezuela, they drew up a list of 3 million people.

That is why it is important for every concerned individual to speak out against those who wants to draw out a retribution list. If we do not check this dreadful idea, a list will eventuate and grow into a monster and consume everyone in due time.

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