Breakup of USA

Will there be a breakup of the United States?

Texas, with the support of 17 other states, had just filed a lawsuit to seek the SCOTUS to invalidate the election results in four battleground states. Mainstream media describe this as a moon-shot attempt to overturn the election result. If you just look at this lawsuit at face value, calculate the probability of it succeeding, then it is easy to conclude that nothing will change and Joe Biden will be inaugurated as President next month. But I think there is more to this than just to overturn the election result.

As Dinesh D’Souza explained, it is striking that this lawsuit does not aim prove the allegation of election fraud. Instead, as Dinesh explained,

The Texas lawsuit before SCOTUS is based on the idea that the Constitution is a pact among the states, and no state the right to unlawfully change the rules of a national election.

To cut his explanation short, Texas is arguing that the swing states is engaging in legal conduct that is unconstitutional.

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